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MathPac, StatsPac & MathPacPlus are superior to every other option, and they truly can replace the required high-dollar 83+ or 84+ graphing calculator.
With built-in Help and Formulas specifically designed for each screen, MobileCaltronics Applications work the way you expect.

We developed this site to give you the opportunity to view our mobile applications so that you can make an informed decision. We feel each APP is the best option available within its specific domain, and we’d like you to feel that way too.
Count on graphing calculators at Exam time. You can use a graphing calculator on the PSAT, SAT, ACT college entrance exam, AP test and the IB Exam.
Students should "understand patterns, relations, and functions" and "use mathematical models to represent and understand quantitative relationships." (NCTM, 2000, p. 37)

MobileCaltronics Graphing Calculator Applications Offer More of the Functionalities You Need Right on Your Mobile Phone or Tablet, Guaranteed!

Have you ever thought of having a graphing calculator that fits right in your pocket? One with free updates and free replacements. Sure, the market currently offers an extra-wide range of hand-held graphing calculators and even free math graph software for desktop PCs, but why have one on your desktop PC, and a separate hand-held device for your classes (come on, another free gadget in your pocket?), How about one that fits your phone and your tablet and one that you’ll never forget! We have three specifically targeted Apps for your mobile device, ready to be used wherever you are and whenever you might need it.

With MobileCaltronics Graphing Calculator Apps we offer the right solution to replace the need for the hand-held graphing calculator, and if you ever lose or replace your phone we will replace your copy of MathPac free!

Do The Math!  With MobileCaltronic's Graphing Calculator solutions it’s Easier than Ever, Whenever You Need it and Wherever You Are

Instead of carrying around an extra bulky device in your book bag or back pack you can use a specifically targeted, comprehensive and fully integrated graphing calculator App  – right on your mobile phone or tablet. It is always available and you're free from an additional device.

You may forget the old ti graphing calculator, or the batteries may die and leave you stranded without a calculator on test day, but the odds are very poor that you will ever forget your mobile phone or that you will ever allow it to stop working. Never be caught in the situation where your graphing calculator is at home just the day when you need it most.

MobileCaltronics Apps feature an advanced graphing engine delivering free HD stunning color graphs and fast calculations. The dialogue driven interface will ensure full user-friendliness, even for those not yet thoroughly familiar with the functionality.

With the FailSafe™ Technology, Intuitive Design, Smart-Input™ and the free Help option in each input screen students will have no difficulties in using these powerful tools to attain their educational objectives.

MobileCaltronics Graphing Software Packages

MobileCaltronics Apps include three graphing calculator packages, each covering the respective field of application:

  • MathPac will service your graphing calculator requirements in Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I or Business Calculus
  • MathPacPlus is a comprehensive graphing calculator offering full coverage of both mathematics and statistics and additionally featuring the Graphing Package
  • StatsPac is a powerful graphing calculator for Elementary Statistics, Statistical Methods, or Business Statistics.

All the three packages offer extended interface functionality featuring Touch/Drag Trace, Double Tap Zoom, Slide panning, 2-finger /pinch Zoom, saving screenshots, importing data directly from sdcard and many, many other free functionalities. Each application supports 14 place accuracy and features working in degrees or radians (see Compare Calculators section for more details).

Sophisticated Help System Ensuring Ease of Use and User-Friendliness

One strong advantage of all our graphing calculators is the free Help system. Not only does it describe in detail every function invoked by the user, but it also offers related helpful tips, & formulas with descriptions, examples and a whole load of other free useful features.

Boost Your Skills and Knowledge Absorption with the Smart MobileCaltronics Mathematics Graphing Software

MobileCaltronics Apps offer all features one would expect from a hand-held graphing calculator, and even more free! The product will be useful for engineers, students and even professors to work in class, and thanks to the excellent free help system, which literally guides you through every step of the calculation and graphing process, MobileCaltronics Apps really stand out in front of the competitors, free and paid.

The product is well placed to make a real difference to the students’ education and may have a great impact on the professors’ teaching process. It is also capable of delivering immeasurable value to specialists working in other fields, such as engineering, business analytics, physics and many others.

We know it takes more than a few minutes to explore all the features our applications have to offer, and even begin to feel comfortable using them. That's why we will gladly refund your money if you are not happy with our application. Just send us an email and request a refund. We will immediately refund your money.

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In short, if you are looking for graphing calculator app, you’ve come to the right place! Explore the web site to see the benefits of all our graphing calculators: MathPac, MathPac+ and StatsPac.